• BOSTON, MA – February 11, 2020 – Catholic Investment Services (CIS) announced today that Michael Nagy has joined the firm as Managing Director.

    Nagy comes to CIS, the first non-profit, Catholic-only focused investment management firm, with 16 years of experience in the investment world. He spent the last four years with Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS) in Chicago, where he served as a Managing Director, responsible for investor and consultant relationships in the Central region of the US.

  • Father Larry Dunham embarked upon his first pilgrimage to the Holy Land of the Christian Religion in January 2012. Like many pilgrims across the centuries, he yearned to walk in Jesus’ footsteps and to experience the region’s revered shrines. He also made the journey to witness first-hand his Franciscan brothers’ tireless shrine preservation and charity work.

  • Sustaining a 75+ year legacy, Holy Cross Family Ministries (HCFM) brings together the timelessness of prayer and the timeliness of today’s technology to reach, inspire and strengthen the faith of families around the world. The group is committed to honoring its enduring promise to donors – that 100% of their gifts go directly to programs – even as it awaits the potential canonization of its late founder, Father Patrick Peyton.

  • Father Scott Jabo has shaped the educational and spiritual growth of thousands of young people. And now he is helping to advance an innovative scholarship program that aims to sustain Erie’s well-regarded Catholic schools for many decades ahead.

  • Catholic missionaries around the world devote their lives to helping the poorest communities alleviate suffering and improve their condition through faith and cooperation. But, often these priests and religious sisters are unable to achieve the impact they envision because they simply don’t have key equipment or lack sufficient resources. In many such cases, Cross Catholic Outreach acts as a bridge between vision and action by providing equipment, supplies and grants that sustain the spirit of hope and the momentum for change in these communities.

  • BOSTON, MA (September 25, 2019) – Catholics overwhelmingly want their money invested ethically, and to most, that means avoiding companies that produce pornography or make tobacco products and e-cigarettes, according to new survey released today. But most Catholics aren’t as concerned about investments in companies involved with oil and gas, birth control, or human embryonic stem cell research.

  • Ensuring financial sustainability is more than a job for Sister Margaret Wilhelm – it’s at the core of a calling that involves meeting today’s unpredictable ministry demands as well as tomorrow’s obligations to the Sisters who unselfishly serve the faithful throughout their lives.

  • Catholic Investment Services co-founder Scott Malpass, who is also CIO of the University of Notre Dame, discusses investment in China with Jay Willoughby, CIO of TIFF Investment Management (TIFF), CIS’s investment advisor

  • With its Catholic SRI policy, the strategy provides the most Catholic-compliant institutional product in the investment market.

  • A new report in The New York Times revealed that, based on new analysis, Americans’ interest in impact or sustainable investing may be much broader than previously thought. This news comes after Catholic Investment Service’s (CIS) own poll illuminated Catholics’ overwhelming support for values-based investing among the church’s institutions.

  • Nine of 10 Catholics in America believe that Catholic organizations – including parishes, diocese, hospitals, and schools – have an obligation to invest their financial assets according to Catholic values and principles, according to a survey of Catholics commissioned by Catholic Investment Services (CIS). Additionally, the vast majority of Catholics believe Catholic organizations can invest their financial assets according to Catholic values and principles without sacrificing financial gains.

  • Not long ago, Scott Malpass would field phone calls virtually every week from leaders of Catholic institutions – colleges, dioceses or hospitals – who wanted to “pick his brain” for investment ideas. It’s little wonder: In his 30 years as Chief Investment Officer for the University of Notre Dame, Malpass has overseen one of the world’s most successful Catholic investment operations. Learn how Malpass's determination to develop a new way for Catholic institutions to pursue strong investment returns while remaining attuned to their religious principles led to the founding of CIS.

  • Values have taken center stage in American discourse: 45% of Americans said that they intentionally choose to do business with companies whose values align with their own. Here's how Catholics who are considering how to align investment strategies with their beliefs and religious practices can add a “Catholic Lens” to their investing behavior.

  • It’s a conundrum faced by many Catholics investing for retirement or other financial goals: how to pursue positive investment returns while also acting upon their beliefs and values. Fortunately, investors can find clear guidance in the Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines created by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).