Catholic Community Foundation Leadership open discussion with Scott Malpass

This timely webinar provides Catholic institutions with insights into managing endowments in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. The session features Scott Malpass, the legendary and long-time CIO of the University of Notre Dame, and Mark Guyol, President and CEO of the Roman Catholic Foundation of St. Louis. Topics range from risk management, to private equity, to investment selection, to donor engagement.

0:00 – webinar opens, Scott chatting about ND investment performance
0:50 – Mark Guyol (Moderator) intro
2:03 – Opening Prayer
6:25 – COVID conundrum, how to manage your endowment through a crisis
9:20 – Risk management during a market selloff
11:55 – Private equity investments
13:55 – Scott’s vision for Catholic Investment Services
16:30 – How do Catholic screens affect investment performance
21:55 – How to work with consultants
23:10 – Donor engagement, stewardship and fundraising
29:41 – Q&A begins
30:25 – Q1, Active vs. passive investments
32:53 – Q2, Catholic Investment Services investment platform
33:48 – Q3, Sourcing investment partners
35:33 – Q4, Alternative investments
38:43 – Q5, Investing in China
41:40 – Q6, Endowment distributions
43:27 – Q7, CIS screening methodology, resources for Catholic fiduciaries
46:31 – Q8, Donor engagement
47:42 – Q9, Charitable remainder gift annuities and trusts
49:19 – Q10, USCCB SRI guidelines and upcoming revisions
51:34 – Q11, Laudato Si’ “Care for Our Common Home” and Fossil fuel divestment
53:40 – Closing comments