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Seeking growth and security for generations to come.

Our Mission

Pursuing investment excellence in the spirit of Catholic faith.

Our Founders

Catholic organizations were searching for more sophisticated investment solutions.

Traditionally, Catholic institutions and foundations had little access to premier investment programs and some of the best managers. We changed that.

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CIS Institute
Sustainable Grace Podcast: Episode 9 – Mission in Focus: Daughters of Charity International Project Services
5 days ago
Please join us for another exciting episode of our Mission in Focus series, which explores the innovations of Catholic non-profits as they advance their missions around the world. This episode discusses the work of Daughters of Charity International Project Services. In this podcast, Sister Mary Louise Stubbs and Kathleen Bissa of Daughters of Charity International […]
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Scott Malpass
Catholic organizations want to manage their assets in a way that maximizes their returns while staying true to the Catholic principles they support. CIS was formed to address this need.
Scott C. Malpass
CIS Trustee/Founder