Catholic educational leadership open discussion with Scott Malpass

This open discussion among Catholic education leaders explores such urgent topics as the nation’s economy, the coronavirus pandemic, and the importance of both having an endowment and managing it effectively through uncertain times. The session features Scott Malpass, the legendary and long-time CIO of the University of Notre Dame, and Tom Lanctot, CEO of Catholic Investment Services and a highly experienced global asset management executive.

0:00 – Webinar opens, attendees entering
0:31 – Chris Hagerty (Moderator) intro
1:25 – Prayer
3:57 – Scott Malpass, Zela Astarjian & Tom Lanctot intro
4:50 – Importance of having an endowment
6:17 – Scott’s vision for Catholic Investment Services
16:04 – How to manage endowments through a crisis
25:55 – Catholic IPS, and other responsible investing considerations
32:05 – Planned giving campaigns, how to grow your endowment
35:01 – Q&A Begins
35:22 – Q1, Meeting spending gaps between endowment, tuition and fund raising
36:38 – Q2, How to guide your endowment through this crisis
39:40 – Q3, Fossil fuel divestment
41:30 – Q4, ND’s endowment growth, market action vs fund raising
43:00 – Q5, Investing in China
44:44 – Q6, Unrelated Business Income Tax
45:55 – Q7, Resources for an investment committee
47:58 – Q8, Endowment draws
48:51 – Q9, Alumni engagement
49:50 – Q10, How to balance a capital campaign with planned giving
50:48 – Q11, Managing your investment partner relationship
52:38 – Q12, How to prospect fo planned giving
53:58 – Q13, Active vs passive investments
55:40 – Q14, Fossil fuel divestment
57:04 – Q15, How to starting an endowment
58:46 – Q16, Determining your spending rate