Does Enhanced Board Governance Make a Difference in Investment Returns?

This webinar features an exploration of sound governance practices in a time of uncertainty. This session offers insights into 5 imperatives for keeping your institution’s goals and investment strategy aligned to maintain focus and momentum. Sharing their views are industry leaders: Paul Schott Stevens, CIS board member and recently retired CEO of the Investment Company Institute, and Chris Merker, Director at Robert W. Baird & Co.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees join
00:10 – Tom Lanctot, Chief Executive Officer, welcome and panelist introductions
03:10 – Serenity, opening prayer
03:40 – Overview of our Board governance empirical research study
06:10 – The Trustee Governance Guide: 5 Imperatives for 21st Century Investing
06:50 – 1st Imperative: Be well governed
21:00 – Sample questions from the committee self-assessment survey
24:40 – 2nd Imperative: Be knowledgeable
35:30 – 3rd Imperative: Be diversified in your investment strategy
40:10 – 4th Imperative: Be disciplined
51:20 – Q&A
52:00 – Q: Can you discuss Board composition & diversity?
55:00 – Q: Did the research examine ESG factors and considerations?
57:00 – Q: How did the data help formulate the hypothesis that weak governance affects investment performance?
58:00 – Thank you and closing