Governance Considerations in the Age of COVID

This webinar features a discussion of how the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged investment committees of Catholic institutions, and what these committees can do to adapt and strengthen their approaches for the future. Sharing their views on this webinar are: Paul Schott Stevens, former President and CEO of the Investment Company Institute; Tom Lanctot, CEO of Catholic Investment Services; and Andrew Conner, CIO at Asset Strategy Consultants and long-time investment strategist at Johns Hopkins University.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:25 – Tom Lanctot welcome and panelist introductions
03:40 – Prayer, “Blessing of Aaron”
04:20 – How has COVID challenged investment committees?
07:20 – What challenges are ahead?
12:30 – Role of the investment committee chair
14:30 – Principals to strengthen your investment program
20:00 – What characteristics make a great investment committee
25:00 – What has changed in the market environment
33:50 – Role of alternative investments in institutional portfolios
37:35 – ESG considerations for investment committees
43:00 – Looking ahead, considerations for investment committees
45:00 – Q&A
45:30 – Q1. How to motivate your committee members
47:20 – Q2. Finding the right committee culture
49:45 – Q3. Alternatives, Fixed Income and the IPS
51:30 – Q4. Education for committees
54:35 – Thank you and closing