Honoring Our Catholic School Teachers and Administrators

This year’s celebration of National Catholic Schools Week (Jan. 31 to Feb 6) is particularly meaningful as we honor the incredible work that America’s Catholic teachers, administrators and staff have done to nurture their students throughout this difficult pandemic.

All of us at Catholic Investment Services are proud to support Catholic educational institutions as they strive to remain financially resilient so they can continue their vital missions long into the future.

About CIS today

Catholic Investment Services (CIS) is distinct in the investment world for several reasons: our commitment to advancing both Catholic principles and solid investment performance; our passion for helping clients sustain their vital work; and our diligence in providing sophisticated investment solutions and exceptional client service.

But, what truly makes us different is our firm alignment with our clients. We share their Catholic faith and understand their challenges. Like them, we are a non-profit, and thus driven solely by their success. We also share their devotion to effecting positive change in our world, community by community.

From our board of trustees, to our firm’s leaders and team, to our fund investment partners, we are unified in our mission: to build long-term prosperity for Catholic institutions so they can endure and serve well into the future.

For more information please visit:  catholicinvest.org