How an Endowment can Strengthen your Catholic Institution

This webinar zeroes in on endowment best practices, including investment strategy, portfolio construction and asset allocation, and integrating development efforts to grow your endowment. Features insights from: Paulita Pike, CIS Board Member; Marco Clark, from St. Thomas University in Austin; and Tim Sullivan, President of Bishop Feehan High School in Massachusetts.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:18 – Larry Furey, Founding Partner, PIM overview, welcome and opening remarks
02:30 – Zela Astarjian, Managing Director, welcome and panelist introductions
06:30 – What is an endowment, and what are some of the benefits they provide
17:55 – How does an institution organize and begin to build their endowment
19:35 – How to grow and advance your endowment
26:26 – Stewardship, spending levels, and governance considerations
29:06 – Investment committees, the role they serve
39:20 – Q&A
39:40 – Q: At what size should a Catholic Institution consider forming an endowment, investment committee?
43:40 – Q: How are endowments structured, operating surplus, board designated funds, and donor restricted gifts
47:50 – Q: Development considerations for grammar schools
49:30 – Q: Importance of having a strong committee chair
51:20 – Q: How to think about responsible investment, ESG, Impact investing, etc.
53:20 – Q: Marco’s personal experience with planning, development and growing the “Cross & Anchor” fund for Bishop McNamara High School
57:00 – Thank you and closing