How leadership working with focused, well-organized boards can achieve greater success in its Catholic mission.

This webinar is the second in a new series that explores the role of impact-focused investment programs in the strategies of Catholic institutions. In this webinar, Frank Persico of Partners in Mission joins Paul Schott Stevens, CIS trustee & former CEO of the ICI, for a dynamic conversation in which they will discuss the proper respective roles of management and boards, consider organizational best practices, examine how successful boards organize themselves in effective committee structures, define the types of governing committees, and align themselves with Catholic social teaching.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees join
00:05 – Tom Lanctot, CIS CEO, welcome and introductions
03:50 – Opening prayer
05:30 – Paul Schott Stevens, opening remarks: Importance of organizational governance
06:50 – Conceptual principles for boards and leadership: oversight vs. management
07:50 – Mission, Mission, Mission – What drives the bus…
08:30 – Board composition, Executive vs. Non-Executive Board members
09:30 – Vision, Vision, Vision – Who drives the bus…
10:50 – How do you organize to be effective as a Board
14:10 – How many committees/ board members are needed for an organization?
17:20 – What is a board charter?
18:40 – Defining essential committees: nominating and governance, finance and audit, development
20:40 – Recruiting board members: gifts & talents (Wit, Wisdom and Wealth)
23:20 – Committee chair, characteristics needed for success
25:50 – How to engage committee members and minimize meeting read-outs
30:10 – The value of having executive sessions
30:50 – Term limits and succession planning for committees
34:10 – How to conduct self-evaluation and board evaluation
37:20 – Q: Who is the management counterpart to the nominating & governance committee?
38:50 – Q: How to avoid conflicts of interest in board settings?
44:40 – Q: 5 recommendations: 1. Board development 2. Handbook (bylaws & charters) 3. Orientation program 4. Adherence to bylaws 5. performance assessment of the board/members
47:00 – Q: What is the function of general counsel in board settings?
49:40 – Q: How should committees help an organization that is short-staffed?
52:00 – Q: Any recommendations for a reconstituted board?
56:10 – Thank you and closing