How to Make an Impact through a Private Markets Portfolio

This webinar features an open discussion about the role that private equity can play in the impact investment strategies of Catholic institutions. Moderated by Sister Suzanne Brennan, general treasurer and general counsel at the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, this webinar features: Jackie Rantanen, managing director for CIS fund impact provider Hamilton Lane; and Annette Bidart, an investment consultant to foundations, endowments and other investment entities.

0:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
0:05 – Tom Lanctot open, panelist bios and introductions
3:45 – “Prayer” by Sister Suzanne Brennan, CSC
5:55 – What are the differences between public and private markets?
08:45 – Where does private equity fit within institutional equity allocations?
11:25 – What are the types of private equity strategies?
14:25 – How do you differentiate between ESG and Impact investing?
16:35 – Time horizons, holding periods and risk profile for private equity
21:40 – Advice for starting a private equity program
28:50 – Return expectations for impact investing
31:05 – Aligning Catholic faith and values with private equity
33:35 – How to measure impact and performance results of your manager
36:00 – Q&A
36:40 – Q1: Are current valuations for private equity attractive?
38:20 – Q2: Consumer staples, healthcare and tech opportunities
43:00 – Q3: Board diversity trends
43:50 – Q4: Updating Investment Policy Statements to include private equity
46:10 – Q5: How important is a network
47:22 – Q6: Measurable impact and the Sisters of the Holy Cross
50:50 – Q7: How important is data, and how does Hamilton Lane utilize
52:05 – Thank you and closing