Insights for Catholic fiduciaries featuring Jack Brennan, co-Founder CIS

This webinar features Jack Brennan, the Chairman Emeritus of Vanguard and a member of the CIS Board of Trustees, in a discussion of endowment best practices, governance in times of crisis, and the differences between traditional and alternative investments. Joining Jack is host Jerry Maginnis, an industry leader and accounting expert who spent 36 years with the Philadelphia office of KPMG LLP.

0:00 – Webinar opens, attendees entering, speakers chatting
0:23 – Tom Lanctot intro, Catholic Investment Services overview
1:22 – “Pandemic prayer” by Sr. Mary Ann Pajakowski, CSC
3:01 – Jerry Maginnis intro
3:41 – Jack Brennan intro, three pillars that have guided Notre Dame’s endowment success
10:18 – Five helpful tips for Catholic fiduciaries on endowment stewardship
15:31 – Balancing the spend, annual stewardship and endowment draw
18:51 – Catholic responsible investment, performance, tips for fiduciaries
25:11 – Trusted partners, Jack’s vision for Catholic Investment Services
31:30 – How economies of scale help drive investment success
34:14 – Q&A
34:30 – Q1: How can an endowment drive diversity and inclusion
37:00 – Q2: How to categorize equity exposure
41:09 – Q3: What role does private equity have in an endowment
46:15 – Q4: Catholic IPS, resources to help create an investment policy
50:48 – Q5: Tips to align annual stewardship and investment stewardship
53:46 – Thank you and closing