Investment committee best practices for Catholic institutions

This webinar provides leaders of Catholic institutions with best practice ideas for creating an effective investment committee to help secure their financial future. We cover such topics as building the committee, establishing procedures and policies, and choosing the right investment partner. This webinar features the diverse viewpoints of: Paul Schott Stevens, CEO of Investment Company Institute; Al Morrison, Founder of Asset Strategy Consultants; and Tom Skiba, Investment Committee Chair for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend.

0:00 – Webinar opens, attendees entering
0:10 – Tom Lanctot intro and Catholic Investment Services overview
2:25 – Panelist introductions – Paul Stevens, Al Morrison, Tom Skiba
3:00 – “Serenity” prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr
4:25 – Canon law, purpose of temporal goods
6:18 – Building an effective investment committee
11:20 – Procedures that yield results
13:50 – Developing your investment policy, objectives & guidelines
23:03 – USCCB SRI investment guidelines
25:00 – Role of a consultant, types of relationships
32:45 – Managing and mitigating conflicts of interest
35:26 – Q&A Begins
35:45 – Q1: Best practice selecting an IC Chair
37:22 – Q2: How to evaluate your consultant relationship
40:25 – Q3: How to resolve disagreements
45:21 – Q4: Where to access resources to help the committee
46:45 – Q5: Measuring the success of a consultant relationship
48:40 – Q6: Best practice creating investment committee from finance committee
51:02 – Q7: USCCB investment guidance, impact and other responsible investing considerations
52:50 – Q8: Best practice hiring a consultant or investment partner
56:23 – Q9: Measuring performance
1:00:28 – Tom Lanctot, thank you & closing