Investment Opportunities Ahead & Governance Best Practices for Embracing Them

This webinar features a dynamic conversation with Florida’s Catholic fiduciaries, who are striving to invest strategically and prudently as the world transitions to a post-pandemic era. Features insights from Scott Malpass, CIS board chair and recently retired CIO of the University of Notre Dame, and Bill Fenton, Senior Director at Cross Catholic Outreach.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:07 – Jeremy Taylor, Managing Director, welcome and panelist introductions
02:40 – Opening Prayer
03:50 – Overview of Cross Catholic Outreach
06:25 – A catalyst for CIS’ formation and Bill’s history of collaboration with Scott
13:10 – Investment Playbook & Governance during the time of a crisis
16:10 – How did Cross Catholic navigate some of the challenges presented in 2020
19:10 – Current market environment & investment opportunities ahead
24:30 – How should Catholic institutions position their portfolios given the current low-yield environment
27:40 – How to build an excellent investment committee
35:10 – Dispelling a common myth; by incorporating Catholic Social Teaching or ESG principles one sacrifices investment performance
39:00 – Vatican’s role in responsible investing, Laudato Si’ and its’ influence
41:40 – Q&A
42:00 – Q: Investing in emerging markets, specifically the Chinese market
45:20 – Q: Considerations for smaller Catholic institutions
47:30 – Q: Scott’s experience serving on the Board of the Vatican Bank
49:30 – Q: A practitioners approach to responsible investing
52:30 – Q: How to diversify from the traditional 60 equity /40 fixed income portfolio
54:00 – Thank you and closing