Manager in Focus: featuring Sino Vision

This webinar is the second episode of our Manager in Focus series, featuring our esteemed investment partners and their unique insights on investment strategy and the current capital market environment. This conversation features Jack Brennan, CIS co-founder & former CEO of Vanguard and Evelyn Chen, founder and portfolio manager of the Sino Vision Greater China Market-Neutral Fund. Jack and Evelyn discuss a wide-range of investment topics, including the nuances of investing in Taiwan, opportunities and challenges for the global supply chain, 5G and artificial intelligence, and how Sino Vision integrates ESG principles into their investment process.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees join
00:08 – Zela Astarjian, CIS Managing Director, welcome and introductions
02:50 – Opening prayer
03:20 – Jack Brennan, moderator opening
04:20 – Welcome Eveyln Chen, background, why a career in financial markets
07:00 – What was it like to go to graduate school in the U.S.
09:00 – Why launch a hedge fund strategy?
10:30 – Sino Vision’s investment discipline
11:30 – Taiwan’s investment opportunity set
17:30 – Considerations for launching a market-neutral strategy
23:15 – How do you implement Catholic values and ESG factors
27:00 – How are Taiwanese companies approaching ESG reporting
30:10 – Taiwan / China relationship
33:50 – Supply chains, impact and investment opportunity
37:30 – portfolio themes and structure
41:40 – U.S. inflation and Taiwan considerations
44:30 – How do you get away, any hobbies?
46:30 – Do you know other Taiwan portfolio managers
47:30 – Thank you and closing