“Mensuram Bonam”: One Year Later, How Have Catholic Principles Been Implemented for Good Measure?

In this webinar, the panel discussed developments since the release of Mensuram Bonam a year ago. This webinar featured CIS Board Chair and Founder Scott MalpassBernard Brenninkmeijer, Chairman of Porticus North America and a leading Catholic investor and philanthropist, Fr. Séamus Finn, OMI, Director of the Oblates’ US Province Office of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation, and Katie McCloskey, Vice President of Social Responsibility, Mercy Investment Services. The panel also discussed outcomes from the recent Mensuram Bonam Faith Consistent Investment Conference sponsored by the Vatican, where all panelists above participated as speakers.

00:00 – Tom Lanctot, CIS CEO, Welcome and opening prayer

03:50 – Scott Malpass, CIS Founding Chair, Introduction and starting the conversation

06:00 – History of Mensuram Bonam

09:53 – Discernment, how the committee approached MB

15:00 – How is Mensuram Bonam received?

17:20 – USCCB Guidelines vs. Mensuram Bonam

21:38 – Impact investing for Catholic institutions

26:15 – Engagement as a Catholic investor

28:30 – What is the difference between Catholic investing and ESG?

34:13 – Q: How should the investment committee of a Catholic institution formulate faith-based standards as part of their investment policy statement and objectives? How do they develop metrics and benchmarks around those standards?

37:00 – Q: What can small religious communities do to work with Mensuram Bonam if they don’t have institutional-sized endowment funding but invest in accordance with the USCCB guidelines?

38:51 – Follow-up and resources on Mensuram Bonam

43:03 – Q: How does Mensuram Bonam and the various bishops conferences address private capital?

50:00 – Opportunities and the road ahead

52:18 – Q: What was the level of engagement with non-religious organizations in the development of Mensuram Bonam?

54:08 – Q: Is Catholic investing concessionary?

57:50 – Thank you and closing