Mission in Focus: featuring Sisters Rising Worldwide

This webinar represents the first in a new series that explores the innovations of Catholic non-profits as they advance their missions around the world. In this webinar, Sister Irene O’Neill CSJ, President of Sisters Rising Worldwide joins Jack Brennan, CIS Founding Chair, for a dynamic conversation about her work and how her organization uses technology to unite sisters around the world in pursuing their vital mission.

00:00 – Webinar opens
00:02 – Michael Nagy, Managing Director, welcome and introductions
01:01 – Opening prayer
01:55 – Jack Brennan, CIS Founding Chairman, opening remarks
03:10 – Introduction to Sister Irene O’Neil
06:30 – What inspires you?
08:55 – How did you become a great leader?
11:50 – What is the Mission of Sisters Rising Worldwide?
14:40 – How does the Platform work?
18:00 – Can you describe the Peace Room, and how sisters learn about the platform?
20:42 – Technology, Outcomes, Connectivity and collaboration
22:30 – How has the platform been received by the Catholic community?
26:30 – How was Sisters Rising Worldwide funded?
31:10 – How can we help grow public support for the platform?
35:45 – Where do you see Sisters Rising in 10yrs? How do you think about it?
40:15 – What is the organization governance structure? Is there a board?
42:15 – Q&A
43:20 – Q1: How do you incorporate other languages on the platform?
44:20 – Q2: What is Talithakum.info ? & Why is it important for everyone to know about?
45:32 – Q3: Does Sisters Rising Worldwide receive funding from the Catholic church?
46:55 – Q4: How does Sisters Rising Worldwide facilitate resources/treasures?
49:00 – Q5: Do you work with local Catholic Foundations?
51:20 – Q6: How are you growing the platform?
52:21 – Thank you and closing