Mission in Focus: featuring the Daughters of Charity International Project Services

We’re glad you could join us for another episode of our Mission in Focus series, a new series that explores the innovations of Catholic non-profits as they advance their missions around the world. In this webinar, Sister Mary Louise Stubbs and Kathleen Bissa of Daughters of Charity International Project Services join Dan Coyne, DOC board member, for a dynamic conversation about their work and how IPS has advanced its’ mission to decrease human suffering while investing to increase human potential.

00:00 – Webinar opens: Zela Astarjian, Managing Director, welcome and introductions
04:30 – Opening prayer by Sr. Mary Louise Stubbs
05:30 – Who are the Daughters of Charity
08:10 – What is the history and mission of International Project Services
11:00 – Areas of Impact: How do you measure results and success
20:00 – What’s unique about International Project Services’ and how does it receive funding
26:45 – How do you determine the projects you will support
32:15 – The importance of building local community involvement
37:45 – Collaboration with local governments and other agencies
39:35 – Key takeaways from the IPS Mission
41:35 – Q: Can you provide a few examples of successful sustainable projects?
43:15 – Q: How many sisters are involved with the organization and how do you facilitate resources?
46:35 – Q: Does IPS have an emergency response protocol?
48:35 – Q: What skills do you teach the underserved?
51:35 – Q: How does IPS support other Catholic institutions?
53:05 – Q: What projects are difficult to support?
54:55 – Q: What has been the most rewarding part of embodying the IPS mission?
57:00 – Thank you and closing