Perspectives on the Path to ESG & Impact Investing for Catholic Institutions

This webinar features a discussion of how Catholic Institutions can incorporate Laudato Si and Fratelli Tutti into their investing, while deploying their investments and philanthropy more strategically. Sharing their views are industry experts: Alexia Kelley, CEO of FADICA; Mike Barry, CIO of Georgetown University, and Tim Connors, a prominent lay Catholic leader and private equity investor.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:05 – Tom Lanctot, CEO of CIS, welcome and panelist introductions
04:45 – Opening Prayer, Serenity
05:15 – Tim Connors, moderator opening remarks
05:30 – 4 Broad categories that define the trend: SRI, ESG, Engagement & Impact
09:50 – A historical look at the evolution of Catholic SRI
14:25 – Dispelling a common myth; by incorporating ESG principles one sacrifices investment performance
22:15 – How to implement alignment & ESG principles into your investment policy
32:15 – Data providers, A practitioners approach to ESG & Impact investing implementation
41:15 – Why Now, Why ESG, opportunities and challenges ahead
43:05 – Q&A
43:20 – Q: Survey data set: How are colleges and universities engaging
49:00 – Q: Venture capital, Start Ups, & Mission
53:00 – Q: Navigating the data; SDGs, ratings providers & global initiatives
54:30 – Q: How can smaller Catholic institutions access private market investments
56:00 – Q: USCCB, Laudato Si’ & a pivot from Fossil Fuels
57:40 – Thank you and closing