Post-Election webinar featuring Scott Malpass, co-Founder CIS

This webinar features an open discussion of how the public and private market environments may be impacted by the 2020 Presidential election. Sharing their views are: Scott Malpass, recently retired CIO of the University of Notre Dame; Mario Giannini, CEO of Hamilton Lane; and Jay Willoughby, CIO of the Catholic Endowment Fund and TIFF.

0:00 – Webinar opens, attendees entering, speakers chatting
0:10 – Tom Lanctot intro, Catholic Investment Services overview
2:55 – “Pandemic prayer” by Sr. Mary Ann Pajakowski, CSC
4:01 – 4 Themes for today’s discussion: COVID, election consequences, geopolitical situation, Catholic socially responsible investment considerations
4:37 – Current capital market environment, what keeps you up at night
12:00 – COVID, vaccines and a deeper dive
17:24 – Vaccine or the election results, which had a bigger outcome
22:10 – Election results and capital markets
28:07 – Have the results changed your process, geopolitical overview
37:12 – Catholic SRI, ESG and Impact
44:22 – Q&A
44:45 – Q1: U.S. trade relationships and the road ahead
47:50 – Q2: Interest rates and the outlook for fixed income
49:38 – Q3: Catholic SRI, achieving financial returns and measurable impact
52:08 – Q4: How does CIS navigate the biotechnology sector
55:30 – Thank you and closing