Principles in Focus: A Practitioner’s Approach to Creating Catholic Foundations and Trusts

In this webinar, as part of our Principles in Focus series, you will hear from Catholic fiduciaries and industry experts sharing practical advice on forming, structuring and strengthening Catholic foundations and trusts through best practice principles.

00:00 – Webinar opens, Zela Astarjian, CIS Managing Director, Welcome and Introductions

5:30 – Opening Prayer, Elizabeth Tomlin

6:16 –Why do Catholic Institutions Need Foundations?

10:00 – Three Models and Key Characteristics

15:01 – How Foundations Fund Missions

17:30 – Keys to Success: Catholic Boards and Leaders

26:24 – Best Practices for Charters and Bylaws

33:50 – Considerations for Conflicts of Interest

39:51 – Role of Self-Evaluation

42:00 – Q: What are the considerations to keep in mind while forming a Catholic Foundation?; Raising and allocating funds appropriately

47:52 – Q: How to include starting and endowment in your fundraising?

50:45 – Q: How do Catholic foundations compete with secular, local, and community foundations, as well as low-cost options?

53:10 – Q: How to address resistance to incorporating Catholic Social Teaching principles into portfolios?

54:55 – Q: What are the pitfalls for Catholic foundations to consider?

56:13 – Thank you and closing