Private Equity Basics for Catholic Institutions

This Private Equity basics webinar features industry experts from Lewis and Clark, Hamilton Lane and Mercer Investment Consulting. We cover the basics of private equity, including: the private equity life-cycle, investing through vintage years, what drives successful outcomes, and private equity’s role within Catholic portfolios. These experts also discuss how to engage the investment committee in support of participating in this asset class and how to align with Catholic principles.

0:00 – Webinar opens, attendees entering, panelists chatting
0:08 – Tom Lanctot, welcomes attendees, Catholic Investment Services overview
1:22 – Panelist introductions – David Taiclet, Jackie Rantanen, Don Wehremann
3:00 – “Pandemic” prayer by Sr. Mary Ann Pajakowski, CSC
6:00 – What is private equity
13:25 – Where does private equity fit in a portfolio
18:50 – Types of private equity strategies
23:38 – Venture, buy-out and growth equity strategies
28:12 – Private equity lifecycle
35:30 – Measuring performance, IRR’s, MOIC’s
42:08 – Faith-aligned private equity, CIS’s methodology and other responsible investment factors
47:17 – Q&A begins
47:35 – Q1: Understanding private equity fees
49:00 – Q2: Offshore investment vehicles
50:11 – Q3: Active management of private equity fees
52:10 – Q4: Access to private equity partnerships
54:25 – Q5: How should investment committees consider adding private equity
55:30 – Tom Lanctot, thank you & closing