State of the Markets Series: Macro Economic Check-in

This webinar, the first of our State of the Markets Series, delves into the current state of the financial markets, the effects of inflation and other dynamic factors, and the risks and opportunities ahead for institutional investors. Sharing their views are industry leaders: Jack Brennan, CIS Founding Chair and Former CEO of Vanguard; Jay Willoughby, CIO of TIFF Investment Management and the CIS Catholic Endowment Fund; and Ted Disabato, Managing Principal/Consultant at Meketa Investment Group.

00:00 – Webinar opens, Tom Lanctot, CIS CEO, welcome and introductions
03:00 – Serenity, opening prayer
03:30 – Jack Brennan, moderator, opening comments
06:30 – What are some current investment challenges for Catholic Institutions?
09:45 – What’s happened in the markets recently?
15:25 – Does diversification still work?
22:00 – Inflation, which way will it break?
27:30 – Why is the U.S. Dollar strengthening and what does it mean?
33:45 – What is the Role of Fixed Income in institutional portfolios.
36:30 – How should committees approach a spending policy.
39:30 – How are the biggest endowment portfolios performing this year vs. last year?
43:40 – A Framework for institutional equity allocations and private market portfolios.
53:45 – Will fixed income investment earn a positive real return over the next 3 years?
55:12 – Thank you and closing