Survey: Catholics want church to invest funds in line with its values

Nine of 10 Catholics in America believe that Catholic organizations – including parishes, diocese, hospitals, and schools – have an obligation to invest their financial assets according to Catholic values and principles, according to a survey of Catholics commissioned by Catholic Investment Services (CIS). Additionally, the vast majority of Catholics believe Catholic organizations can invest their financial assets according to Catholic values and principles without sacrificing financial gains. Both of these opinions are particularly strong among those who typically donate more to their parish.

The survey also shows that because of the recent news of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, over four in ten Catholics either plan on giving less to their parish and diocese or are considering giving less in the future. And nearly a third claim they’ve already given less to their parish or diocese because of the recent news. However, among those who typically donate more to their parish, the negative impact of these events is less pronounced.

“We wanted to better understand the mindset of today’s Catholic when it comes to their attitudes on how the Church handles its investments,” said Peter Jeton, Catholic Investment Service’s CEO. “The results clearly show that parishioners have very high expectations for how Catholic institutions manage their money. They expect the Church to keep values and principles in the forefront when they select where to invest and believe these financial decisions can be made and still produce positive results. And while a majority say they plan to continue their same giving habits, recent revelations of sexual abuse could have a significant impact on the giving habits of many Catholics.”

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About Catholic Investment Services
Catholic Investment Services (CIS) is a non-profit, SEC registered investment advisor that manages endowment and pension assets for Catholic organizations. It seeks to deliver strong investment returns aligned with Catholic principles so Catholic organizations can make a bigger impact in their communities. CIS was founded by some of the investment industry’s most respected leaders to address the investment challenges faced by Catholic organizations. Based in Boston, CIS’s assets under management represent over $600 million.

Survey Methodology
This survey was conducted using online survey platform Pollfish and compiled by DKC Analytics. The sample of 500 adults (18 years or older) who self-identify as Catholic was surveyed on March 19, 2019. The margin of error is ± 4.5%, and no additional weighting was done to the initial sample. Pollfish’s survey platform delivers online surveys globally through mobile apps and the mobile web along with the desktop web. Some data shown here does not add up to 100% because of rounding.