Sustainable Grace Podcast: Episode 8 – A Principled Approach to Implementation of the recently-revised USCCB SRI Guidelines

November’s release of the USCCB’s revised socially responsible investing guidelines has Catholic fiduciaries wondering: What’s changed? And, How should we adapt to this new guidance? Exploring these questions is the focus of the second podcast in our new series, which emphasizes principles of mission-aligned investment programs for Catholic institutions. The podcast brings forth ideas for implementing the USCCB guidelines in institutional portfolios, and dispelling certain performance myths about Catholic-aligned portfolios. This podcast features: Scott Malpass, CIS Co-Founder & Board Chair and retired CIO of the University of Notre Dame; Steve Schott, Principal and Senior Director, Institutional Religious Retirement and Foundation Services, CapTrust; and Bernard Brenninkmeijer, Executive Director of Constanter Philanthropic Services, Chairman of Porticus North America Foundation and Board member of FADICA.

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