The Ethical and Investment Implications of Artificial Intelligence

In this webinar you will hear about AI and the future ahead. AI has recently taken the world by storm. Its groundbreaking capabilities are being used for customer service, generating more reliable credit scores, enabling trading and money management, regulatory compliance, security and fraud prevention, and more. This dynamic discussion features Jack Brennan (CIS Founding Chair & Chairman Emeritus, The Vanguard Group), John Behrens (Director, College Technology Initiatives College at University of Notre Dame) and Brian Barbetta (Wellington Global Industry Analyst) and Shelley Zhuang (Founder and Managing Partner at 11.2 Capital). The info session concluded with questions from the audience.

00:00 – Tom Lanctot, CIS CEO, Welcome and Introductions, Opening Prayer

03:06 – Jack Brennan, CIS Founding Chair, Starting the Conversation on Artificial Intelligence

04:31 – Generative AI Overview, John Behrens

15:57 – Artificial Intelligence and its Implications

19:00 – AI at the Macro Level

24:05 – Watson vs. ChatGPT

26:35 – Generative AI, Challenges and Opportunities

34:00 – Impact and the Economy

37:04 – What’s Next for the Workforce

38:56 – Security Risks

41:00 – It’s All About the Data

44:56 – Q: Does AI diminish the human spirit?

46:10 – Q: How can you protect yourself from misinformation?

48:01 – Q: What is the single biggest ethical issue with AI?

50:15 – Q: What are the implications for hardware?

52:43 – Q: How does AI impact the environment?

55:17 – Thank you and closing