The Post-Pandemic Investment Playbook

This webinar features a discussion of the complex factors Catholic institutions must consider as they shape their investment strategies for a post-pandemic world. Sharing their views on this seminar are: Scott Malpass, retired Chief Investment Officer of the University of Notre Dame and CIS founder; and Jonathon Hook, Chief Investment Officer of the Weinberg Foundation, a private charitable foundation.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:05 – Tom Lanctot, CEO of CIS, welcome and panelist introduction
02:20 – Becky Wood, CEO of FEG, welcome and panelist introductions
04:30 – Matt Finke, moderator, opening remarks
05:00 – What adjustments have you made to your investment playbook?
10:30 – Challenges and opportunities, 2021 and the road ahead
20:50 – Impact and Faith-aligned investing
28:00 – Catholic socially responsible investment guidelines and implementation
36:00 – Considerations for defining and creating an investment strategy
43:00 – Blockchain, Crypto and other non-traditional areas for investment
47:30 – How to build an effective investment team
53:30 – Considerations for mitigating inflation risk
56:40 – Catholic constrained investment portfolios
58:20 – Considerations for controlling the spend
1:00:20 – Private market investments
1:04:30 – Considerations for managing smaller endowments
1:06:30 – Thank you and closing