The Role of Alternatives in Institutional Portfolios

This webinar features an open discussion of how Catholic institutions can take advantage of strategies involving alternative investments, such as hedge funds, to strengthen and diversify their investment portfolios. Sharing their views on the webinar are: Scott Malpass, retired CIO of the University of Notre Dame; Rick Buhrman, Strategic Advisor to Notre Dame’s Investment Office and university professor; and Stephen Schott, a veteran investment consultant who has worked with many Catholic institutions.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:15 – Tom Lanctot welcome and panelist bios
03:13 – Opening Prayer
03:40 – Scott Malpass opening remarks
06:12 – Traditional 60/40 vs endowment model, the road ahead
12:09 – How to evaluate fees in the alternative investment space?
16:30 – Allocating to alternative investments
21:35 – Technology enablement, adoption and it’s accelerating effect
26:13 – How do you think about inflation
30:03 – Hedge Fund history lesson
37:50 – Sourcing Investment ideas and partnerships
42:00 – Aligning your investments with Catholic principles
44:23 – Responsible Investment and ESG
46:55 – Advice for executing on alternative investments
51:30 – Special Purpose Acquisition Company’s
54:30 – Revisions to the USCCB SRI Guidelines
57:30 – Thank you and closing