Where to Invest in a Low Yield Environment?

This webinar features Jack Brennan, the Chairman Emeritus of Vanguard and a member of the CIS Board of Trustees, in a discussion of the challenges of building a diversified investment portfolio in an era of historically low interest rates. Topics include Treasury Bond yields, inflations effects, managing risk and working with investment committees to shape responsive strategies.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:15 – Tom Lanctot welcome and panelist introductions
02:50 – Opening prayer
03:20 – Jack Brennan opening remarks on rates
05:20 – Historical look back at treasuries
07:00 – 3 current challenges for fixed income and yields
10:00 – Inflation and real yields
13:20 – Diversification and the role of fixed income
16:00 – Industry expectations, the 60/40 model and current environment for fixed income
25:00 – Risk assets, investment strategy, and a barbell approach
31:30 – private market investments
34:40 – Risk mitigating opportunities in real estate, infrastructure and private debt
38:10 – Alternative investments, absolute return and hedge fund strategies
41:00 – How to educate committee members on complex investment strategies
43:00 – Considerations for controlling the spend
45:10 – Laudato Si’, ESG & climate risk considerations
49:00 – Thank you and closing