Why Venture Capital Investing… Why Now?

Today’s session is part of our Managers in Focus webinar series, which explores the role that impact-focused investment solutions play in the strategies of Catholic institutions. It was enlightening to hear the views of true pioneers in this arena: Tim Connors, Founder of Pivot North; Michael Kim, Founder of Cendana Capital; and Miguel Luina, Managing Director at Hamilton Lane.

00:00 – Webinar opens, Tom Lanctot, CIS CEO, welcome and introductions
02:50 – Opening prayer 03:30 – Tim Connors, moderator, opening comments
03:40 – What is Venture Capital? Why is it an opportunity for Catholic Institutions.
06:40 – Smarts, Goodness & Grit: how to identify amazing founders
11:10 – Why have so few Catholic Institutions allocated to Venture, private market opportunities and challenges
15:10 – Ways to approach Venture Investment strategies
19:25 – Mission Alignment, Impact and how Catholic Institutions can move the needle
28:20 – Technology, Disruption, and Ventures effect on consumer banking
33:40 – Church-related Venture technologies
35:55 – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, considerations and concerns
43:10 – Q: How to align Venture Capital with Catholic Social Teaching
47:40 – Q: Best Funding Markets, Correlations, and timing
53:40 – Q: Governance structures in Venture Capital
57:00 – Thank you and closing