This webinar is the second episode of our Manager in Focus series, featuring our esteemed investment partners and their unique insights on investment strategy and the current capital market environment. This conversation features Jack Brennan, CIS co-founder & former CEO of Vanguard and Evelyn Chen, founder and portfolio manager of the Sino Vision Greater China Market-Neutral Fund. Jack and Evelyn discuss a wide-range of investment topics, including the nuances of investing in Taiwan, opportunities and challenges for the global supply chain, 5G and artificial intelligence, and how Sino Vision integrates ESG principles into their investment process.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees join
00:08 – Zela Astarjian, CIS Managing Director, welcome and introductions
02:50 – Opening prayer
03:20 – Jack Brennan, moderator opening
04:20 – Welcome Eveyln Chen, background, why a career in financial markets
07:00 – What was it like to go to graduate school in the U.S.
09:00 – Why launch a hedge fund strategy?
10:30 – Sino Vision’s investment discipline
11:30 – Taiwan’s investment opportunity set
17:30 – Considerations for launching a market-neutral strategy
23:15 – How do you implement Catholic values and ESG factors
27:00 – How are Taiwanese companies approaching ESG reporting
30:10 – Taiwan / China relationship
33:50 – Supply chains, impact and investment opportunity
37:30 – portfolio themes and structure
41:40 – U.S. inflation and Taiwan considerations
44:30 – How do you get away, any hobbies?
46:30 – Do you know other Taiwan portfolio managers
47:30 – Thank you and closing

This webinar is the first in a new series that explores the role of impact-focused investment programs in the strategies of Catholic institutions. This premiere edition features Tim Connors, Founder of PivotNorth Capital, Mario Giannini, CEO of Hamilton Lane, and Bryan Pini, President and CIO of Mercy Investment Services. These leaders share their views on the evolving ESG landscape in private markets, while dispelling some performance myths regarding ESG or Impact investing.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees join
00:10 – Tom Lanctot, CIS CEO, welcome and introductions
04:15 – Opening prayer
05:45 – What is ESG? How to approach, understand and navigate the terminology
12:45 – How do you evaluate ESG factors and measure impact?
15:15 – How to align mission through investment partnerships?
17:15 – Can Impact investing outperform?
26:15 – Practical advice to alignment for institutions on the call?
29:45 – Program Related Investments & the mechanics
31:30 – How to get started with Impact investing?
36:15 – Impact investment examples
39:45 – Q: Clean energy transition and considerations for investment
42:00 – Q: Concessionary vs market rate returns, How Mercy allocates
44:30 – Q: How to align Catholic Social Teaching in private market portfolios
47:40 – Q: Can the U.S. electrical infrastructure handle the Electric Vehicle and Green-power transition, capacity considerations
50:05 – Q: Crypto-currency & ESG considerations
53:15 – Q: How do you approach investments in water?
53:40 – Thank you and closing

This webinar represents the first in a new series that delves into the market strategies of CIS’s esteemed investment partners. This premiere edition features Chris Begg, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder of East Coast Asset Management. Joining Chris for this engaging and enlightening session is Scott Malpass, CIS Co-Founder and Board Chair, and retired Chief Investment Officer for the University of Notre Dame.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees join
00:10 – Tom Lanctot, CIS CEO, welcome and introductions
01:40 – Opening prayer
03:20 – Scott Malpass, CIS Board Chair & Co-Founder, opening remarks
05:30 – Chris Begg, President & CIO, opening remarks
06:30 – Heros & Mentors, Who has influenced you?
07:25 – Joys of compounding interest, Warren Buffett’s early partnership letters
08:50 – East Coast Asset Management overview
10:20 – How has your philosophy evolved over the years
14:20 – Can you describe how you define and source exceptional businesses?
16:00 – What are the layers of competitive advantage?
19:00 – The Grove of Titans
19:50 – Portfolio Concentration and evaluating IRRs
23:20 – The source built Arches; Portals, Bridges & Domes
27:00 – How have ESG factors informed your decision making?
29:20 – CPI +5%, is this still a reasonable benchmark?
32:00 – How do you value a business?
34:20 – What are the main themes expressed in the portfolio today?
37:00 – How did you build your team at East Coast?
39:00 – Holding periods and portfolio turnover
40:30 – What have you learned from any mistakes made along the way?
42:50 – How do you think about disruptive innovation as a trend?
44:30 – Is your strategy tax efficient?
46:50 – How do you engage and build relationships with the management teams you own?
48:20 – Thoughts on Europe’s investment opportunity set?
50:00 – IRRs and valuation considerations
51:30 – China and investment opportunities
53:00 – Continuous improvement, describe your experience as an adjunct professor at Columbia’s Business School
55:00 – What makes a great investor?
55:30 – Thank you and closing

This webinar represents the first in a new series that explores the innovations of Catholic non-profits as they advance their missions around the world. In this webinar, Sister Irene O’Neill CSJ, President of Sisters Rising Worldwide joins Jack Brennan, CIS Founding Chair, for a dynamic conversation about her work and how her organization uses technology to unite sisters around the world in pursuing their vital mission.

00:00 – Webinar opens
00:02 – Michael Nagy, Managing Director, welcome and introductions
01:01 – Opening prayer
01:55 – Jack Brennan, CIS Founding Chairman, opening remarks
03:10 – Introduction to Sister Irene O’Neil
06:30 – What inspires you?
08:55 – How did you become a great leader?
11:50 – What is the Mission of Sisters Rising Worldwide?
14:40 – How does the Platform work?
18:00 – Can you describe the Peace Room, and how sisters learn about the platform?
20:42 – Technology, Outcomes, Connectivity and collaboration
22:30 – How has the platform been received by the Catholic community?
26:30 – How was Sisters Rising Worldwide funded?
31:10 – How can we help grow public support for the platform?
35:45 – Where do you see Sisters Rising in 10yrs? How do you think about it?
40:15 – What is the organization governance structure? Is there a board?
42:15 – Q&A
43:20 – Q1: How do you incorporate other languages on the platform?
44:20 – Q2: What is ? & Why is it important for everyone to know about?
45:32 – Q3: Does Sisters Rising Worldwide receive funding from the Catholic church?
46:55 – Q4: How does Sisters Rising Worldwide facilitate resources/treasures?
49:00 – Q5: Do you work with local Catholic Foundations?
51:20 – Q6: How are you growing the platform?
52:21 – Thank you and closing

This webinar features an exploration of sound governance practices in a time of uncertainty. This session offers insights into 5 imperatives for keeping your institution’s goals and investment strategy aligned to maintain focus and momentum. Sharing their views are industry leaders: Paul Schott Stevens, CIS board member and recently retired CEO of the Investment Company Institute, and Chris Merker, Director at Robert W. Baird & Co.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees join
00:10 – Tom Lanctot, Chief Executive Officer, welcome and panelist introductions
03:10 – Serenity, opening prayer
03:40 – Overview of our Board governance empirical research study
06:10 – The Trustee Governance Guide: 5 Imperatives for 21st Century Investing
06:50 – 1st Imperative: Be well governed
21:00 – Sample questions from the committee self-assessment survey
24:40 – 2nd Imperative: Be knowledgeable
35:30 – 3rd Imperative: Be diversified in your investment strategy
40:10 – 4th Imperative: Be disciplined
51:20 – Q&A
52:00 – Q: Can you discuss Board composition & diversity?
55:00 – Q: Did the research examine ESG factors and considerations?
57:00 – Q: How did the data help formulate the hypothesis that weak governance affects investment performance?
58:00 – Thank you and closing

This webinar zeroes in on endowment best practices, including investment strategy, portfolio construction and asset allocation, and integrating development efforts to grow your endowment. Features insights from: Paulita Pike, CIS Board Member; Marco Clark, from St. Thomas University in Austin; and Tim Sullivan, President of Bishop Feehan High School in Massachusetts.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:18 – Larry Furey, Founding Partner, PIM overview, welcome and opening remarks
02:30 – Zela Astarjian, Managing Director, welcome and panelist introductions
06:30 – What is an endowment, and what are some of the benefits they provide
17:55 – How does an institution organize and begin to build their endowment
19:35 – How to grow and advance your endowment
26:26 – Stewardship, spending levels, and governance considerations
29:06 – Investment committees, the role they serve
39:20 – Q&A
39:40 – Q: At what size should a Catholic Institution consider forming an endowment, investment committee?
43:40 – Q: How are endowments structured, operating surplus, board designated funds, and donor restricted gifts
47:50 – Q: Development considerations for grammar schools
49:30 – Q: Importance of having a strong committee chair
51:20 – Q: How to think about responsible investment, ESG, Impact investing, etc.
53:20 – Q: Marco’s personal experience with planning, development and growing the “Cross & Anchor” fund for Bishop McNamara High School
57:00 – Thank you and closing


This webinar features a dynamic conversation with Florida’s Catholic fiduciaries, who are striving to invest strategically and prudently as the world transitions to a post-pandemic era. Features insights from Scott Malpass, CIS board chair and recently retired CIO of the University of Notre Dame, and Bill Fenton, Senior Director at Cross Catholic Outreach.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:07 – Jeremy Taylor, Managing Director, welcome and panelist introductions
02:40 – Opening Prayer
03:50 – Overview of Cross Catholic Outreach
06:25 – A catalyst for CIS’ formation and Bill’s history of collaboration with Scott
13:10 – Investment Playbook & Governance during the time of a crisis
16:10 – How did Cross Catholic navigate some of the challenges presented in 2020
19:10 – Current market environment & investment opportunities ahead
24:30 – How should Catholic institutions position their portfolios given the current low-yield environment
27:40 – How to build an excellent investment committee
35:10 – Dispelling a common myth; by incorporating Catholic Social Teaching or ESG principles one sacrifices investment performance
39:00 – Vatican’s role in responsible investing, Laudato Si’ and its’ influence
41:40 – Q&A
42:00 – Q: Investing in emerging markets, specifically the Chinese market
45:20 – Q: Considerations for smaller Catholic institutions
47:30 – Q: Scott’s experience serving on the Board of the Vatican Bank
49:30 – Q: A practitioners approach to responsible investing
52:30 – Q: How to diversify from the traditional 60 equity /40 fixed income portfolio
54:00 – Thank you and closing

This webinar features a discussion of how Catholic Institutions can incorporate Laudato Si and Fratelli Tutti into their investing, while deploying their investments and philanthropy more strategically. Sharing their views are industry experts: Alexia Kelley, CEO of FADICA; Mike Barry, CIO of Georgetown University, and Tim Connors, a prominent lay Catholic leader and private equity investor.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:05 – Tom Lanctot, CEO of CIS, welcome and panelist introductions
04:45 – Opening Prayer, Serenity
05:15 – Tim Connors, moderator opening remarks
05:30 – 4 Broad categories that define the trend: SRI, ESG, Engagement & Impact
09:50 – A historical look at the evolution of Catholic SRI
14:25 – Dispelling a common myth; by incorporating ESG principles one sacrifices investment performance
22:15 – How to implement alignment & ESG principles into your investment policy
32:15 – Data providers, A practitioners approach to ESG & Impact investing implementation
41:15 – Why Now, Why ESG, opportunities and challenges ahead
43:05 – Q&A
43:20 – Q: Survey data set: How are colleges and universities engaging
49:00 – Q: Venture capital, Start Ups, & Mission
53:00 – Q: Navigating the data; SDGs, ratings providers & global initiatives
54:30 – Q: How can smaller Catholic institutions access private market investments
56:00 – Q: USCCB, Laudato Si’ & a pivot from Fossil Fuels
57:40 – Thank you and closing

This webinar features a discussion of the complex factors Catholic institutions must consider as they shape their investment strategies for a post-pandemic world. Sharing their views on this seminar are: Scott Malpass, retired Chief Investment Officer of the University of Notre Dame and CIS founder; and Jonathon Hook, Chief Investment Officer of the Weinberg Foundation, a private charitable foundation.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:05 – Tom Lanctot, CEO of CIS, welcome and panelist introduction
02:20 – Becky Wood, CEO of FEG, welcome and panelist introductions
04:30 – Matt Finke, moderator, opening remarks
05:00 – What adjustments have you made to your investment playbook?
10:30 – Challenges and opportunities, 2021 and the road ahead
20:50 – Impact and Faith-aligned investing
28:00 – Catholic socially responsible investment guidelines and implementation
36:00 – Considerations for defining and creating an investment strategy
43:00 – Blockchain, Crypto and other non-traditional areas for investment
47:30 – How to build an effective investment team
53:30 – Considerations for mitigating inflation risk
56:40 – Catholic constrained investment portfolios
58:20 – Considerations for controlling the spend
1:00:20 – Private market investments
1:04:30 – Considerations for managing smaller endowments
1:06:30 – Thank you and closing

This webinar features Jack Brennan, the Chairman Emeritus of Vanguard and a member of the CIS Board of Trustees, in a discussion of the challenges of building a diversified investment portfolio in an era of historically low interest rates. Topics include Treasury Bond yields, inflations effects, managing risk and working with investment committees to shape responsive strategies.

00:00 – Webinar opens, attendees enter
00:15 – Tom Lanctot welcome and panelist introductions
02:50 – Opening prayer
03:20 – Jack Brennan opening remarks on rates
05:20 – Historical look back at treasuries
07:00 – 3 current challenges for fixed income and yields
10:00 – Inflation and real yields
13:20 – Diversification and the role of fixed income
16:00 – Industry expectations, the 60/40 model and current environment for fixed income
25:00 – Risk assets, investment strategy, and a barbell approach
31:30 – private market investments
34:40 – Risk mitigating opportunities in real estate, infrastructure and private debt
38:10 – Alternative investments, absolute return and hedge fund strategies
41:00 – How to educate committee members on complex investment strategies
43:00 – Considerations for controlling the spend
45:10 – Laudato Si’, ESG & climate risk considerations
49:00 – Thank you and closing