About Us

From feeding the hungry to educating young minds to providing life-saving medical services, Catholic non-profit organizations can do more with greater financial resources.

That’s where Catholic Investment Services aims to have a meaningful impact. Our founders — all well-known investment management industry veterans — saw the need among Catholic organizations for enhanced stewardship and investment excellence aligned with Catholic principles.  We strive to meet that need by delivering strong investment returns and peace of mind to our clients, who know that their endowments and pensions are invested to reflect their organizations’ Catholic beliefs.

The CIS Difference

Experience. CIS was founded by some of the investment industry’s most respected leaders to address the investment challenges faced by Catholic organizations.

Catholic Affinity. We screen investments based on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) socially responsible investment guidelines which are as follows:

  • Protecting Human Life
  • Promoting Human Dignity
  • Reducing Arms Production
  • Pursuing Economic Justice
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Encouraging Corporate Responsibility

Investment Excellence. With a diversified endowment-style approach, CIS offers Catholic institutions access to world-class managers through TIFF Advisory Services, Inc.  (TIFF), a respected investment advisor and non-profit organization that is part of The Investment Fund for Foundations.

Mission Alignment. Like the clients we serve, CIS is a non-profit. We have no distractions from our shared goal of having a positive impact in our communities. 

Our Clients

Our assets under management represent approximately $650 million. Our goal is to partner with a diverse group of Catholic 501(c)(3) non-profits, including:

  • Universities, colleges and high schools
  • Dioceses
  • Health care systems
  • Religious orders
  • Private Foundations
  • Social services organizations

CIS was formed to serve the diverse needs of Catholic organizations of varying size, from several million dollars to billions of assets under management.  

Catholic organizations want to manage their assets in a way that maximizes their returns while staying true to the Catholic principles they support. CIS was formed to address this need.”

Scott C. Malpass, CIS Trustee/Founder